W. 5

This week has contained birthday celebrations, user testing & catch up with friends. 

Monday evening Sofie came over for some diy. Look how great it turned out! 

Tuesday was lars’ birthday 💙 we had tapas and played video games. I gave him tickets to go and see Phil Collins in June. 

Wednesday I headed over to London and went straight to Peckham, checked in, and headed over to Pedler to meet up with Gabrielle 💖

Thursday - Saturday I’ve been out doing walks and user testing for go Jauntly. Found some pretty views ⛄️ 

Managed to spend sometime at Tate and found a new favorite artist - Jenny Holzer 🌟 

Amazing view 🏙

Thursday night I finally got to hang out with Noelle again 💕 

Friday evening I caught up with Nadia and she fixed my hair 💇🏼‍♀️ 

now it’s Saturday evening and I was supposed to go over to Noelle for a dinner party but I’m too exhausted and in 5 hours are my alarms going off and I’m heading to the airport and straight to my floorball game.  

upcoming week hopefully contains chill nights at home, Datenight and then Uppsala to visit Linn over the weekend. 


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