W. 9

Morning! Here’s a few things from my camera roll:

Went to Falun last week & we had an amazing dinner with tapas as a starter and then fish and mash for main course.

We also managed to get cozy with the cats, eat lunch outside and smell the flowers.


Got some new cameras to play with and made a healthy dinner for once. A halloumi & avocado salad with mustard dressing - yum!


Been taking some screenshots of documentaries to watch (from the Oscars), a red table I don’t want to miss and a cute comment about a dad who switch careers at 48 to become a baker.


Been playing some floorball with Ebbas eagles!

Camilla and I visited La Tonteria tapas bar and it was delicious.

That’s all I had for now. Can’t wait to not be as exhausted as I am now. Come spring and come relaxation!

Mikaela LarssonComment