W. 8

A day late but no one will ever know. A lot of stuff is happening so it’s all a bit chaotic atm. Let’s have a look at what I’m doing this week:


👩🏼‍💻 MONDAY:
Work is crazy so I’ll be in a lot of meetings and finish up a lot of stuff for a couple of things launching later this week. Tonight I’m meeting Caroline for thai near St. Eriksplan.

Head down all day then I’m off to Sofie for DY night & dinner. I think we’ll be doing so clay vases etc.

Meeting Camilla after work for dinner and catch ups.

Work work work + beer with Kalle & Oscar.

Work and then head down to Linköping to hang out with my aunt and her husband for the weekend. We’re having great food, watching TV and going to spend a full day at a spa - aaaahhH! Sunday evening will end with Ebbas Eagles crushing our opponents.

Sorry for boring message.
I’ll talk to you later on.

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