W. 6

Good morning! This week has mostly contained me working, trying to cook food, failing to cook food and ordering pizza. Today I’m waking up in Uppsala after 24 hours with Linn & Agnes. Just wanted to share some things I’m currently obsessed with:

download (1).jpeg

Dips - SVT Play
I love this show & I love public service - TAKE ALL MY MONEY AND KEEP DOING FUNNY SMART TV SHOWS. Like a swedish version of Veep and The Office.

download (2).jpeg

Story time with Calm app
Ok so I have a calm subscription and just now realised that you can have all these amazing people read for you. I mean Bob Ross??? Stephen Fry!!!! I’m hooked.


Carrot and feta cheese pie
This recipe made out week after my failed test of making chantarelle soup. Make it now!

Doja Cat - Go to town
Amazing as always. heard it in a broad city episode. Can’t believe the show ends soon :( This is a bonus tip, but please watch it!!

Mario - Odyssey
I’m obsessed. I’ll just leave it at that.

Have a lovely week x

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