W. 1

& Welcome to another year. First week in and I’ve already decided to not do the candy thing this year. It’s simply too good, what can I say?

Tomorrow I’m going back to work after 16 days off and I don’t want to. Don’t get me wrong, I like my job, I just like sleep better. Another thing that has happened is that for 3 months this past fall I had these stress symptoms around my eyes where I shedded skin, was very dry and other gross things. I spent way too much money on expensive eye cream, changed pillow cases etc but it wouldn’t go away. & guess what? Now it’s all gone. So I’m going to try to keep living this namaste life even though work is starting again and hope it doesn’t come back.

This upcoming week I’m starting 2019 for real. Going back to the gym (ugh), working, pappers that needs to be filed and food prep that needs to be cooked. But I’ll do some fun stuff too like see my friends, going swimming and going to Falun over the weekend.

Hope this year has treated you well so far, here are some photos from our Christmas holiday that we spent in Stockholm, Falun and Östersund.

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