W. 4

Hello! Today I’m hungover and have cleaned, slept and replanted some plants. That’s about all my body allows me to do. ANYWAY, since last my time has contained some nice catch ups with friends, lots of work and winter views.

I’ve finally gotten to see Emma’s new apartment in Hammarbyhöjden. We ate amazing food and watched vanderpump rules ofc. Best Saturday night ever tbh.

Ebbas Eagles had their premiere games!!! We won one and lost one, not too chabby ey?

I went to a namegiving cermony for Sigrid <3 Theodor was a bit tired at the end.

Been catching some nice views.

Got to hangout and celebrate Carolines new job.

Have had some delicious sushi, eaten leftovers in front of the computer, tried to “take care” of my face, been to Flippin’ Burgers with Lars, played a lot of Super Mario and made veggi pasta bolognese which was to die for.

Went to Ulriksdals Garden to buy flowers and have lunch with Sofie and Ebba.

Grabbed a AW with Camilla.. mmm .. white wine sangria 4 evah <3

Last night Lars and I were invited to Agnes and Oscar för game night and pizza with the rest of our bookclub. Love these ladies more than life.

That’s it, which when I look at it, seems quite a lot for 7 days. Next week I’m heading off to London for a few days, Lars is turning 29 + Sofie and I are trying to make our own macramé pot holders.


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