W. 2

Hello! Here are some things that has happened the past week:

🐲Migraine from hell
🐲Toothache from hell
🐲 My phone is broken
🐲 Anxiety levels have spiked
🐲 Nightmares about not being a good friend.

To level all of this up a bit here are some better things that has happened as well:

🐬 Got to meet up with some of my best friends again.
🐬 My acorns has turned into small oak trees.
🐬 The film that I’ve ordered to my analog camera has arrived.
🐬 Got to spend my weekend with the family.
🐬 Finally convinced Lars that we can have a rug in our living room.
🐬 Celebrated Fayez birthday yesterday and it was a lot of fun.

Since my phone is dead I have no pictures to share but what I do have is this hedgehog on a camping trip and it is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

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