Moooorning guys!
I hope this weekend have been fun for you. I've spent it hanging out with Lars for the first time in ages - I've missed him so much! I thought that today I'd share some current favorites of mine:

🌻 We have a TV! & on Friday we got Crash Bandicoot, a old game I played when I was younger, and haven't left the couch since. Also the flower wall is getting there. I have 2 more plants I want to buy.. but its slowly coming along. 

🌻 My green fingers continues. I've so far manage to NOT KILL: Tomatoes, mint, basil, rosemary and strawberries. 


🌻 Novellix <3 For our bookclub we buy these collections of 4 short novels that we discuss. This month it is Swedish Classics but there's loads more. Can't wait! Also, so pretty right?


🌻 I'm no skincare expert but a few weeks ago when I was hungover I bought a face mist from ACO and its saving my life. I also want to recommend this rose handlotion that I bought at Primark for £1!!! & it's so good and smells delicious. 

Have a lovely Sunday!