W. 22

Yo bitches! 
Is that too much? Should I dial it down a bit? Probably. 

How are you? I'm good & a bit late with this blogpost. I spent the weekend celebrating my sister's birthday in Örebro and got home, hungover and tired, last night. Today is a bank holiday in London so I've had the day off. 


This week contains lots of fun stuff. 

Today I've had lunch with Erika in town and planning on spending the rest of the day out here on the balcony. 

Need to get my head down in work and later I'm actually playing some soccer! First time in 5 years so we'll see how it goes.. Hopefully I won't make a complete fool of myself. 

Work + Book club evening!

Work + AW with Kalle & Oscar somewhere in town. We're scouting views and parks as I'm writing this. 

Work & then we're driving up to Falun! 

Meeting Flora <3 My best friend's brand new baby! Later that evening my other best friend Elin is having her graduation party after 4 years of school - both these women rules!

Back to Stockholm & chill the fuck out on the couch. 

PS! I've started a new little thing where I make videos now and again and here are my latest one from a week ago when I spent the weekend in Falun: