I'm VERY hungover from all the cava I had last night at Madies place so its an accievement just to be able to write this. Elin left today after two days of love. She's the bestest <3 Let's take a look at what this uncoming week with bring!

From fridays dinner at Ebba and Gustav's new place.

From fridays dinner at Ebba and Gustav's new place.

Workin' workin' workin'. Also, Lars has been sick all weekend and is not better so I have a feeling I'll take care of him. After work, I'm heading to Falun for a quick stop to hang out a bit with the fam. 

Working and lunching at my dads' place, after work I'm making my famous pasta carbonara for mom, Olle, grandma, and grandpa. 

Hopefully, see Frida for lunch before I go back to Stockholm after work. I need a freakin spaday and I also need to finish my book club book so I'm gonna spend the evening with a facemask on and a book in my hand. 


Nothing planned outside of work! Prob hang out with Lars if he's feeling any better. 

My sister comes to Stockholm. We'll either have some kind of tapas-thing here with our cousins and uncle or it'll just be Lars, her and me at home, drinking red wine and eating mussels. 

Dad and Madde is coming. They're coming here to see the apartment and then we're heading in to town to walk aroud before I've booked a table at Caliente for fooooood. 


Walk around in Blackeberg, buy some new plants, skype with Allie and food prep for the week to come. 

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