Hey! A day late but I think that it's quite ok since I have hardly been home the past 1,5 weeks. Lets take a look at what I've been doing:

A week ago, to be more exact 10 days ago, I missed my 6 am train to Gothenburg but managed to get on the next one and headed down through Sweden to Borås!


The sun was shining & I met up with Carro, Elin and Nicklas for lunch in the sun. 


Later that night we had some prosecco in the park before heading over to a tapas place where I had the top 3 best tapas experiences in my life; Lobster soup, a chilli chicken crispy thing and some bravas with sprinkled choritzo on top (!!!). 


The day after we caught some sun and some forest air during a walk through Knippegården. Is there anything better than the smell of forest? 


Later we had some good old tacos while playing eachother our favorite tunes for different occations. Caroline and I went out for some prosecco at some bar that I don't remember the name off before we crashed down in bed. 


When I came home Sunday evening Lars surprised me with dinner on our newly pimped balcony while we watched Lady Bird. Love him <3


Monday I headed to Arlanda and London! Woop


I went straight to Nadia to get my hair done and after we went to Nandos for wine and talk about birthday parties, bad friends and life in general. 


The rest of the week I ran loads of workshops, hung our with my girl Noelle & had dinner at Hanas place. London was much further along in the process of spring and everything was green and blossoming. 


I went back to Sweden late Friday night but the weekend had just started so on Saturday morning I headed up to Falun to...


Surprise my friend Frida with a babyshower! 

We had dinner at Basta where they serve some delicious italian food. 


We ended the evening at Pitchers before Elin, Sofie and I headed back to Sofie for a classic sleepover like the good old days. 

The morning after we had some breakfast and looked through old pictures, I love my best friends <3

Today it's Monday and I need to get my head in the game again, even though all I want to do is sleep. 

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