W. 17

Lets take a look at last weekend when spring and my family came to Stockholm. 


Last Friday Sara and I celebrated spring sun by drinking pink bubbles on our balcony and wearing tied shirt/scarfs in solidaritybecause of some crap things going on in Sweden. Lars joined and we sat outside until 7:30 (!!!). 


Then we made this piece if perfection!! Moules Frittes <3 I still think about this dinner. It was so amazing. 


Look how excited they were!

Saturday we got joined by Madde and my dad and we headed in to town in search for a table in the sun with the rest of the people in Stockholm. 


We ended up spending 5 hours there in the sun, collecting freckles and eating tapas before we walked to Södermalm for even more tapas at Caliente. Lovely day with the fam!


Sunday we spent driving out to a small garden cafe to pet goats and eat panncakes - mmm! 


The weekend ended with the sky being on fire. 

I'm prob a bit hungover on a train back to Stockholm from Borås so I hope you're having a fun Sunday and I'll check in again in a week. 

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