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Lots of plans right now. Above is a classic week and will be for the upcoming month or two. I'm heading over to London, might have another trip ahead, traveling within Sweden to Borås and Falun and Örebro. Trying to stay sane and not take on too much. All things are good but all things can become too much and I don't want that to happen so I need to be careful. & on top of that we have loads of fun projects going on at work but that also takes up a lot of space in my brain. 

Aaaaanyway! Spring is here & I've answered a list of questions for no good reason. 

Last movie you got excited about:
I have a list but I'm extremely excited to see "A Quiet Place" written and directed by the second love of my life, John Krasinski. See the trailer here

Last book I read:
Well... I am reading "Mrs. Dolloway" by Virginia Woolf for our bookclub. the book is written in a very stressful way but I'm almost done. Don't think I'll read any more of Virginia tbh. I've also just finished "Mjölk och Honung" (a translation of "Milk and Honey" by Rupi Kaur) which was very lovely.

Last show I watched in one go:
I gave Jenna Fishers new show "Splitting up together" but it's not the best I've seen but only 3 episodes out yet so might pick up. Before that, I watched the final season of "Love" by Netflix. 💛 loved it. 

Last song I listened to on repeat:
M.T. Hadley - Janet

Last show I saw:
Well, it was years since I saw a theatre or a musical. But the last consert I went to was Lord Huron here in Stockholm. 

Last restaurant you had dinner at: 
Oh! I think it was last week when I met up with Jessika and Agnes to eat buns at Barobao in Hornstull.

Three places I'd like to recommend:
Hmm ok. In Stockholm I'd like to recommend Caliente Tapas Bar, in London I'd like to recommend Ippudo Ramen restaurant and in Falun, I'd like to recommend Maestro Pizzeria.


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