Week 10 is here! Week 9 was a bore. I worked late Monday - Wednesday and then got a headache from hell. My head is still hurting and I'm just trying to not stress too much. But week 10 will be a fun one! Let's have a look: 

Work work work. Monday is never that fun so don't blame me. 

London baby! Leaving really early in the morning and will go straight to work. After work, I'm heading to Nadia to get my hair sorted - Finally! We're going out for drinks after and I might even be able to pop into a store or two. later I'll check in to my hotel and maybe take a bath?? who knows. Living life. 

Work and in the afternoon we're all heading over to Oval where we have been invited to an award ceremony where our app Go Jauntly has been nominated for an award - yay! Food, Drinks, Award (hopefully)! 

Work and later I'm meeting up with Noelle for dinner and then I'm staying at her place overnight.

Going back to Sweden really freakin' early. I'll be able to do some work in the PM and then Lars and I have been invited to dinner at Sofie's place. Yuummmmm

Catch up on things I've missed over the week. By that, I mean TV shows, blogs and other things that don't do me any good but makes me feel alive. 

Sleep until 12 pm, eat muddcake in bed, watch silly tv shows, order a pizza, go back to bed. 

Talk to you later,

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