Sorry for the delay. Let's just say that I got lost in ALL THE SPACE we now have in this new apartment. This weekend we got help from my mom and Olle to move all the stuff, go to IKEA and screw together furniture. Don't know what we'd done without them <3 Here are some pictures of our new place (so far, we still needs to put up some art, buy more flowers etc etc but you know the drill): 


Hallway + hallway view.


"Office" - lol! Need some color in here? Maybe a big green plant and some prints? 


Living room. (yes, I took pictures at different times of the day). I need to buy a new pot for my Monstera, add a few more plants to my plants-wall and we also need to buy a TV and maybe a bigger dinner table. 


Kitchen! With a mexican soup in the crockpot!

Bedroom! My favorite room. Need to buy and put up some prints and I'm waiting on some more decorations from Falun to full the window and the empty hutch. 

That's all folks! Still working on the bathroom and getting used to not being in the same room all the time. 

Hope your week is great and that you'll get a lot of candy over easter.