This past week I haven't done that much. Have had a few mental breakdown over tax offices here + in the UK, gotten great news from one of my best friends, watch way too many shitty youtube vlogs from people showing their breakfast and loads of work.  I feel like I haven't seen the sun in ages and I think that's just not right. GAH! So here are 10 things I look forward to this spring:

🌿 OBVI. The new apartment (!!!) Can't wait to move in, get all our stuff in order and try out the local Thai place. Going to build it into a jungle of green plants, I'm thinking something like this:

🌿 Document more things with my new disposable cameras and Lars's old Xacti movie camera

🌿 Drink beer outside in Stockholm, Borås, Örebro, London and Falun with my friends. 

🌿 Watch flowers bloom! I've seen that snowdrops are all over London now so I can't wait for them to come here. 

🌿 Explore nature around Stockholm. Go Jauntly is aiming to be released in Sweden this spring so I want to create killer walks and really show off our beautiful city. 

🌿  Watch all new shows that starts <3 West world, Crazy ex-girlfriend, New Girl, iZombie, Bonusfamiljen, Silicon Valley, The Handmaid's Tale, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - you name it, I'll watch it.

🌿 Keep learning to cook new food. Lars and I have started to plan out meals with the help of Pinterest & I know that's how most people do it. But for me, this is a huge, new and fun interest. As I'm writing this I'm doing my own ramen in the slow cooker. 

🌿 My book club!!! Jessika, Linn, Agnes and I have started a book club where we're going to read books and poetry while sipping red wine and eating cheese.

🌿 Date nights! Lars and I have decided that we need to make a little more effort. So every other friday one of us needs to plan a datenight. This is mostly for me so I get forced to put on anything else than pjyamas. We can cook together, go to the movies, go and see a exhibition or anything else fun.

🌿 Weekend escapes! So far I have a few trips to Örebro, London, Borås, Yasuragi spa here in Stockholm and Grövelsjön planned in. I also want to go to Linköping, Falun & maybe even Paris! 

Love ya! Gotta go to brunch. 

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