W. 49


☁️ Went to an amazing taco dinner with Erika a couple of weeks ago.

☁️ Random bits from life in Blacksburg. Tapas night, fajitas night, massive amount of work & afternoon sunlight.

☁️ Crispy weather came and Lars and I went on a lovely Sunday stroll.

☁️ I spent a Saturday together with Lars, Maria and Ingrid and a bunch of museums and at a cozy restaurant in Old Town.

☁️ Linn and I had a crafts night where we drank wine and made some nice clay items.

☁️ Lars and I babysat this cute love of my life <3

☁️ Had this idea to clean out my closet. Donated 5 huge bags with clothes and shoes. So freeing.. in 2 weeks I’m doing it again. I’ve also cleared out my bathroom stall, bed side table and computer. Gah!

☁️ Caroline and I had tapas, bubbles and went to see Hozier at Annexet.

☁️ Drink night with Cam Cam!

☁️ Sofie and Jerk arranged the cosiest Christmas hang out last Sunday at their place with quiz, food and gifts.

☁️ I’ve wrapped this years christmas gifts, hung out with another favourite couple Sofie and her Theodor and flown to London for a weeks work.

Today I’m in Falun after a couple of more days in London. Going to be here for a week to celebrate my birthday & hang out with my friends.

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