W. 52

Let’s do a recap of this year and talk plans for the next year.


Did you do anything this year that you haven’t done before?
Well, quite a few things I think? I bought a flat together with Lars, I started my own company, I visited lots of new places etc.

What countries did you visit?
Hmm I went to Spain, France x2, Scotland and obviously England for work.

Is there anything you missed in 2018 that you wish to have more of in 2019?
Downtime, time with Lars, unplanned weeknights and time to work out.

What date will you always remember from 2018?
Is it weird that I don’t remember any? Two big ones are really when all the cute babies were born (4 to be exact) and when we got the keys to our apartment.

What has been your biggest professional achievement?
Hmm, well I’ve taken lots more responsibilities at work, I’ve started my own company (!!), pushed back more when I have too much on and also worked out a way so I could work all summer out on the balcony which was great.

What has been your biggest personal achievement?
Learned how to put in my contacts. Easy!

What did you spend the most money on?
Fixing my phone every time I dropped it in the toilet or anywhere else. Beer. OH! and a freaking 2.5 million at an apartment.

What songs will remind you of 2018?

Se på mig nu (feat. Linnea Henriksson) - Petter
Svart bil - Miriam Bryant
Gillette - 199X, Dr DisRespect
Back To You - Selena Gomez
Left Me On Fire - Sarah Klang
Honey - Robyn
I Owe You Nothing - Seinabo Sey
Shallow - Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga

Were you happier or sadder than last year?
Happier. But this fall has been quite stressful.

Did you wish you did anything more?
Always! Read more, stayed away from my phone more, worked out more, slept more.

What type of food did you eat the most in 2018?
Obviously a lot of thai food from the kiosk outside of our house, otherwise a lot of meat but that will stop next year. Lots of tapas & pizza on Sundays.. now that I’m writing this it all of a sudden doesn’t feel as surprising that I’ve gained 10 kg in a year..

Biggest wish for 2019?

Better work/life balance, sleep more and that the weather is nice. (OBVI from a worldly view I also need less racists, nazis, horrible political parties, people taking more personal responsibility for the environment but you all know that)

Was there anything that would have made this year better?

I don’t think so actually.


What made you feel good?
Lars, my friends, the summer, embroidery, swimming, our balcony, my family, baby boom.

Who did you miss?

All my friends in the US, my friends in the UK and my friends/family in Falun.

What are you most proud of?
Buying an apartment, my improvement(ish) in planning and all my friends being kick ass women and having babies. Also Go jauntly for winning awards and grants, that’s kinda my little baby. ALSO: I HAVEN’T HAD CANDY IN 365 DAYS TOMORROW! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?

Do you have any resolutions for 2019?
Yes, or not resolution but we will stop buying meat (only eat it if we’re served it or on a restaurant), want to get more time at home, read more books and continue not eating candy!

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