W. 50

So many things has happened! Or well.. things are always happening. It’s 10:14 and I just want to go to bed. Have spent the day being hungover from my birthday party that I had last night. The majority of my favorite people were here to celebrate and dressed up as TV characters - I love them all.

The snow has been falling over Stockholm today and a little Christmas feeling have moved in to my heart. Makes me happy.

This week I don’t have too many things left, just going to try to get through the last days of work for 2018 and enjoy being back home again. Since I last wrote I have been in London and Falun & I’ve really missed my bed.


My plans for the upcoming week is:

Work and meet up with Linn & Agnes to say “goodbye” and “see you next year” before we’re heading off to different places over Christmas and New Years.

Work and laundry day. Meeting my aunt for dinner in the city which will be so cozy!

Hang out with Caroline and talk talk talk and drink drink drink.

Start packing and planning for our days off, which we are spending in Falun and Östersund. I need to wrap some final Christmas gifts etc.

Hopefully go and see my friend Elin try on wedding dresses before work <3 Later will include: Go to bed early. Read a book. Chill on the couch. Clean out the fridge. Classic Friday night.

Go out in nature. Have dinner with my cousins and uncle in the evening.

Pack, prep, download podcasts, hang out with Lars, get in the Christmas spirit.

Hope your week is good too.

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