W. 44

‘ello mates!
Late night blogging today but life has been busy. Today I’ve been a bit hungover and for the past couple of times I’ve been that, I’ve had major anxiety. Anyway.. not fun to hear about that. But what I did want to say that today I haven’t done anything really. I’ve taken several naps, gone our for a little walk, had some thai food and taken a long shower. Lets take a look at my upcoming week:


Work - lots of meetings and catch ups. After work I need to head over to Specsavers to fix my glasses and to XXL to pick up my new training shoes. (very important information for you to know) Later I’m catching up with Camilla, wondering if I should suggest a movie? or racketball or something.

Meeting in the morning at a clinic, work and then I have an aerobics class before I’m leading over to Sofie for dinner with the girls.

Work work work and then a after work drink or two with Erika.

I’ve for some reason signed up for a barbell class at my gym….. so will probs do that and then go home and die. Need to do some life admins like clean, do the laundry and other fun stuff too.

Expecting to have a horrible muscle soreness so I will work and then maybe move myself to the couch for some netflix & chill with Lars.

Lars’ mom is here so her and his sister is coming over here for bruuuuunch. After that we’ll head over to a museum and just chill around the city.

zzZZZzzZZ might visit my cousin to say happy birthday to her kid but that’s about it.

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