W. 45

Happy Sunday!
I feel like I’m a bit out of this funk that is called life, but I guss that’s ok. I haven’t filmed anything of substance in a few weeks, hopefully the inspiration comes back soon. Here’s a few pics I’ve managed to snap over the past two weeks:

☁️ I went to Örebro to visit my sister. We drank wine, watch a massive amount of TV and chilled.

☁️ I’ve had dinner with my Falun-crew and lots of cute freakin’ babies.

☁️Been trying to take care of my skin. I’ve been so dryyyyy so it ended with me putting foot lotion under my eyes.


☁️ Have had amazing pizza with Camilla at Meno Male.

☁️ Went to see the amazing Bon Iver together with Lars.

☁️Working all day and all night is my new normal with a lot on at work and creating some invitations for Christine’s and Eric’s wedding next year.

☁️ Went over to Sofie for another dinner with the girls. Yuuuumm

☁️ I also went to Linn last Saturday for pizza and wine <3

That’s all.
Adios Amigos!

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