W. 42

This weekend has been so calm & unplanned. Just what I needed. We’ve had a cleaning day together with our neighbours, and I’ve been designing some invitations for a freelance project. But let’s take a look through my phone and what I’ve been up to the past weeks around Stockholm.

🍁We had a crayfish party at my cousins place and I had my first ever crayfish and obviously loved it.. Too much work though.

🍁Lars and I spent a Saturday walking around Södermalm.

🍁 I’ve had a little NYC reunion with the best women ever.

🍁 My dad took me out for the best dinner I’ve had in a long while at Il Tempo <3

🍁 I’ve been to Falun for a 2 days where I managed to visit Frida, hang out with my family and catch some autumn sunshine.

🍁 Some more autumnal views.

🍁 Been chillin’ at home quite a lot too.. doing some embroidering, reading, cleaning and spa nights.

🍁 The fam came over a Sunday and we had lunch and explored Eataly - YUM!

🍁 The best thing of all; I’ve had the pleasure if meeting this amazing little guy <3

Hope your weekend has been amazing.

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