So, I took a few months off, which has been great. I went and visited the sun, threw myself in the snow up north and had weeknights off in bed, rewatching Westworld. It's been all good in the hood. 

But now I'm back and I still like writing and taking pictures and sharing cute things I find on the internet so I'm starting this blog thing again, but maybe in a more different way than before. Who knows, it's 2018 baby, anything can happen. 

Last year felt very shitty, but I threw together a 2017 recap video and damn, the year had its moments. Travels, new food, best friends and late nights. I don't know. It might sound silly but 2018 is the year. I have so many goals and I'm really excited to see how many weeks I'll go until I fail :))) Anyway, here's the video; 


What I want to say is that I'll be sharing a few more videos here, write a few lines, show a bunch of pictures. So, tell your friends! 

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