W. 32

Here's a short video from when I went to Nice a few weeks ago. Hope you enjoy it.
I miss vacay life already. 


My second vacation-week is over. Here's a few things I've been up to. 


💗 I've had the pleasure to meet the newest addition to our crew - little Ingrid! 


💗 I've been to Nice with these cuties.


💗 Explored some french food stores.


💗 Enjoyed some pretty nice views.


💗 Eaten all of the french food.


💗 But mostly chilled in the sun by the pool.


💗 I've also gone for my fair share of evening swims. 

💗 Taking care of my green babies.

💗 Been out on date night with this lovely human. 


💗 Spelt a few hot nights sleeping on our balcony. 


💗 Bought new books on sale & ate some *healthy* food.


💗 Spent an evening in Falun with good friends and good food. 


💗 Ended the week with 24 hours in Tällberg where we had collected our entire family to surprise and celebrate my grandmothers birthday. 


W. 30

I'm out on annual leave and will return to the office on August the 5th.
If urgent please take a drink and wait. 

While you wait, Here's what I've been up to lately:


This week has been my past week before holiday! I'm actually up in Östersund now, a bit hungover from the wedding we went to last night. I've been drinking 6 nights this week. I need to slow down. Don't forget water kids!

Monday I had Måndagsklubben with Kalle & Oscar, Tuesday I hung out with Caroline in the sunset, Wednesday I had a small NYC reunion with Camilla and Emma over ice cold rose, Thursday was my mom and Elins birthday and I had visitors from Falun here for tapas and sleepovers. Friday I spent on a train up north and yesterday was wedding wedding wedding! 

But now; Vacation mood! I'm going to tuck away my computer, have my email on OOO and sleep 'til noon. Here are my plans: 

 ☀️ Spend some time up here in Östersund with Lars' family. Swim, eat good food, lay on the grass and read books, play games and sleep in.   ☀️ Going to Nice with my fam. Will obvi drink some aperol spritz, swim in the ocean, eat pasta and play cards.   ☀️ Take the boat out to Stockholm Archipelago for a ngith or two with Lars and our new tent.  ☀️ Take my grandma on a secret adventure.   ☀️ Eat breakfast on the balcony.  ☀️ Play Crash Bandicoot.  ☀️ Spend quality time with lars.  Thank you, that's all folks!  

☀️ Spend some time up here in Östersund with Lars' family. Swim, eat good food, lay on the grass and read books, play games and sleep in. 

☀️ Going to Nice with my fam. Will obvi drink some aperol spritz, swim in the ocean, eat pasta and play cards. 

☀️ Take the boat out to Stockholm Archipelago for a ngith or two with Lars and our new tent.

☀️ Take my grandma on a secret adventure. 

☀️ Eat breakfast on the balcony.

☀️ Play Crash Bandicoot.

☀️ Spend quality time with lars.

Thank you, that's all folks!  


Here are a few things I've been up to lately in a moving format:


Hello gang! Here are some suggestions from me to you:

Watch: Hannah Gadsby: Nenette - The best thing I've watched in a really long time. 

Listen: Anderson .Paak - Bubblin (Bonus for very nice video)

Read: A little life - the most devastated, tragic and beautiful book I've read. 


Play: CRASH! All day every day.

Do: Go out swimming in the summer sun!


Moooorning guys!
I hope this weekend have been fun for you. I've spent it hanging out with Lars for the first time in ages - I've missed him so much! I thought that today I'd share some current favorites of mine:

🌻 We have a TV! & on Friday we got Crash Bandicoot, a old game I played when I was younger, and haven't left the couch since. Also the flower wall is getting there. I have 2 more plants I want to buy.. but its slowly coming along. 

🌻 My green fingers continues. I've so far manage to NOT KILL: Tomatoes, mint, basil, rosemary and strawberries. 


🌻 Novellix <3 For our bookclub we buy these collections of 4 short novels that we discuss. This month it is Swedish Classics but there's loads more. Can't wait! Also, so pretty right?


🌻 I'm no skincare expert but a few weeks ago when I was hungover I bought a face mist from ACO and its saving my life. I also want to recommend this rose handlotion that I bought at Primark for £1!!! & it's so good and smells delicious. 

Have a lovely Sunday!

W. 26

Some random pictures from when I went to Barcelona with my bookclub. 


& here's a little video I put together:


Today I'm probably flying out, tired and happy from a few days in Barcelona. Going to land late and then head to Falun Tuesday morning. I'm planning to not do anything specific, just work, take baths and have some alone time. Hopefully Lars will join the upcoming weekend to celebrate Midsummer with us. 

Life is good. 
Love ya. 


Last week I spent a few hours in London, let's take a look: 

This week I'm going away again to Barcelona so hopefully there'll be a video from there too up here soon. 


Another Monday and another week that I'm late with the post. We all know that I'm a slacker so I won't even apologize. This past weekend I spent some sunny days up in Falun to celebrate my best friend's graduation 🎈Today I'm just trying to stay quiet and take care of my wisdom tooth that is acting up per usual. Tomorrow I'm heading to London for 2 hectic days of work, drinks and presentations. Gah! 

Anyway. I just don't take too many pictures anymore but I have managed to edit together a little video from my sisters 25th birthday - Enjoy!

Hope you have a lovely week ahead, remember to eat a lot of ice cream!

W. 22

Yo bitches! 
Is that too much? Should I dial it down a bit? Probably. 

How are you? I'm good & a bit late with this blogpost. I spent the weekend celebrating my sister's birthday in Örebro and got home, hungover and tired, last night. Today is a bank holiday in London so I've had the day off. 


This week contains lots of fun stuff. 

Today I've had lunch with Erika in town and planning on spending the rest of the day out here on the balcony. 

Need to get my head down in work and later I'm actually playing some soccer! First time in 5 years so we'll see how it goes.. Hopefully I won't make a complete fool of myself. 

Work + Book club evening!

Work + AW with Kalle & Oscar somewhere in town. We're scouting views and parks as I'm writing this. 

Work & then we're driving up to Falun! 

Meeting Flora <3 My best friend's brand new baby! Later that evening my other best friend Elin is having her graduation party after 4 years of school - both these women rules!

Back to Stockholm & chill the fuck out on the couch. 

PS! I've started a new little thing where I make videos now and again and here are my latest one from a week ago when I spent the weekend in Falun:


This week has been the complete opposite from the week before. I've been resting up, working and mostly just been hanging out on our balcony catching some sun. Life is weird like that I guess, one week lots of things are about to break and the other week you collect more freckles than whats legal. 

Don't have too many things to share. I'm going to start film more stuff and be outside as much as I can. Life is good and so is this song + video




Hello fans! 
This week i've had a lot of anxiety and have been working way to much so the upcoming week I just need to relax and go out in nature and be very zen. I figured that during weeks like this we need to focus on good things, so here are 10:

💛 The trees are getting indications of growth and I've packed away my winter coats. Summer is coming!

💛 Lots of my close friends are having babies and I'm so excited to meet all of them. 

💛 I'm not having a baby, that's also very exciting (hehe)

💛 Lars & I have started to "run" again and found the forest close to where we live and its so relaxing. 

💛 I have loads of fun plans for this summer like visits to London, Nice, Barcelona, Falun and Östersund. Camping with Lars on an island somewhere. Beers with my book club at Trädgården. Dinners on our balcony. Going for a run and end it with a swim. 


💛 Spring flowers popping up everywhere.

💛 My determination to learn how to REALLY skate this summer. 

💛 Sara is turning 25 and Elin is graduating school. 

💛 Caroline moving back to Stockholm. 

💛 TV shows and chocolate milk. 



Hey! A day late but I think that it's quite ok since I have hardly been home the past 1,5 weeks. Lets take a look at what I've been doing:

A week ago, to be more exact 10 days ago, I missed my 6 am train to Gothenburg but managed to get on the next one and headed down through Sweden to Borås!


The sun was shining & I met up with Carro, Elin and Nicklas for lunch in the sun. 


Later that night we had some prosecco in the park before heading over to a tapas place where I had the top 3 best tapas experiences in my life; Lobster soup, a chilli chicken crispy thing and some bravas with sprinkled choritzo on top (!!!). 


The day after we caught some sun and some forest air during a walk through Knippegården. Is there anything better than the smell of forest? 


Later we had some good old tacos while playing eachother our favorite tunes for different occations. Caroline and I went out for some prosecco at some bar that I don't remember the name off before we crashed down in bed. 


When I came home Sunday evening Lars surprised me with dinner on our newly pimped balcony while we watched Lady Bird. Love him <3


Monday I headed to Arlanda and London! Woop


I went straight to Nadia to get my hair done and after we went to Nandos for wine and talk about birthday parties, bad friends and life in general. 


The rest of the week I ran loads of workshops, hung our with my girl Noelle & had dinner at Hanas place. London was much further along in the process of spring and everything was green and blossoming. 


I went back to Sweden late Friday night but the weekend had just started so on Saturday morning I headed up to Falun to...


Surprise my friend Frida with a babyshower! 

We had dinner at Basta where they serve some delicious italian food. 


We ended the evening at Pitchers before Elin, Sofie and I headed back to Sofie for a classic sleepover like the good old days. 

The morning after we had some breakfast and looked through old pictures, I love my best friends <3

Today it's Monday and I need to get my head in the game again, even though all I want to do is sleep. 

W. 17

Lets take a look at last weekend when spring and my family came to Stockholm. 


Last Friday Sara and I celebrated spring sun by drinking pink bubbles on our balcony and wearing tied shirt/scarfs in solidaritybecause of some crap things going on in Sweden. Lars joined and we sat outside until 7:30 (!!!). 


Then we made this piece if perfection!! Moules Frittes <3 I still think about this dinner. It was so amazing. 


Look how excited they were!

Saturday we got joined by Madde and my dad and we headed in to town in search for a table in the sun with the rest of the people in Stockholm. 


We ended up spending 5 hours there in the sun, collecting freckles and eating tapas before we walked to Södermalm for even more tapas at Caliente. Lovely day with the fam!


Sunday we spent driving out to a small garden cafe to pet goats and eat panncakes - mmm! 


The weekend ended with the sky being on fire. 

I'm prob a bit hungover on a train back to Stockholm from Borås so I hope you're having a fun Sunday and I'll check in again in a week. 


Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 11.34.00.png

Lots of plans right now. Above is a classic week and will be for the upcoming month or two. I'm heading over to London, might have another trip ahead, traveling within Sweden to Borås and Falun and Örebro. Trying to stay sane and not take on too much. All things are good but all things can become too much and I don't want that to happen so I need to be careful. & on top of that we have loads of fun projects going on at work but that also takes up a lot of space in my brain. 

Aaaaanyway! Spring is here & I've answered a list of questions for no good reason. 

Last movie you got excited about:
I have a list but I'm extremely excited to see "A Quiet Place" written and directed by the second love of my life, John Krasinski. See the trailer here

Last book I read:
Well... I am reading "Mrs. Dolloway" by Virginia Woolf for our bookclub. the book is written in a very stressful way but I'm almost done. Don't think I'll read any more of Virginia tbh. I've also just finished "Mjölk och Honung" (a translation of "Milk and Honey" by Rupi Kaur) which was very lovely.

Last show I watched in one go:
I gave Jenna Fishers new show "Splitting up together" but it's not the best I've seen but only 3 episodes out yet so might pick up. Before that, I watched the final season of "Love" by Netflix. 💛 loved it. 

Last song I listened to on repeat:
M.T. Hadley - Janet

Last show I saw:
Well, it was years since I saw a theatre or a musical. But the last consert I went to was Lord Huron here in Stockholm. 

Last restaurant you had dinner at: 
Oh! I think it was last week when I met up with Jessika and Agnes to eat buns at Barobao in Hornstull.

Three places I'd like to recommend:
Hmm ok. In Stockholm I'd like to recommend Caliente Tapas Bar, in London I'd like to recommend Ippudo Ramen restaurant and in Falun, I'd like to recommend Maestro Pizzeria.



I'm VERY hungover from all the cava I had last night at Madies place so its an accievement just to be able to write this. Elin left today after two days of love. She's the bestest <3 Let's take a look at what this uncoming week with bring!

 From fridays dinner at Ebba and Gustav's new place.

From fridays dinner at Ebba and Gustav's new place.

Workin' workin' workin'. Also, Lars has been sick all weekend and is not better so I have a feeling I'll take care of him. After work, I'm heading to Falun for a quick stop to hang out a bit with the fam. 

Working and lunching at my dads' place, after work I'm making my famous pasta carbonara for mom, Olle, grandma, and grandpa. 

Hopefully, see Frida for lunch before I go back to Stockholm after work. I need a freakin spaday and I also need to finish my book club book so I'm gonna spend the evening with a facemask on and a book in my hand. 


Nothing planned outside of work! Prob hang out with Lars if he's feeling any better. 

My sister comes to Stockholm. We'll either have some kind of tapas-thing here with our cousins and uncle or it'll just be Lars, her and me at home, drinking red wine and eating mussels. 

Dad and Madde is coming. They're coming here to see the apartment and then we're heading in to town to walk aroud before I've booked a table at Caliente for fooooood. 


Walk around in Blackeberg, buy some new plants, skype with Allie and food prep for the week to come. 

🌙🌙🌙🌙 PS 🌙🌙🌙🌙
The app we've created, Go Jauntly, is nominated for an award and we need your help again to help us win. Please click here to sign up with your email/facebook to vote. 


Let's see what have been going on in my camera roll the past few weeks (with no particular order):

 Packing chaos!

Packing chaos!

 so good but so evil.

so good but so evil.

 Muddcake with rasberries + New Girl = Perfect Saturday.

Muddcake with rasberries + New Girl = Perfect Saturday.

We lived all of March in a packing chaos which we survived thanks to Nutella sandwiches and muddcake in bed.


I also few from icy Sweden to London for a few days. 


The sky was pretty and it smelled like spring when I waited on the bus to Peckham where I stayed during my days there. 

 Amazing Go Jauntly!

Amazing Go Jauntly!

 3 happy winners!

3 happy winners!



The main reason I went to London was because we were nominated for an award - That we WON! Woop woop! Go, Go Jauntly! Free prosecco and celebrations all the way to my room where I had 6 chocolate chip cookies!

 Me with the flu ...again &lt;3

Me with the flu ...again <3

 Book of the month: Mrs Dolloway by Virgina Woolf

Book of the month: Mrs Dolloway by Virgina Woolf

When I got home from London I was dead and ended up with the flu for 5 days. Tried to spruce it up with reading our book of the month for the bookclub I'm in but my brain couldn't concentrate. 

I spent another Friday together with Christoffer where we had drinks and later went to Barobao for buns from heaven. 


A sunny Sunday Lars and I wanted to try out our new thermos so we made some hot chocolate and brought it down to the ice.


I also got to spend 24h at Yasuragi with Åsa, Peter and Sara. It was such a treat! We had an amazing dinner, tested all the pools and I found an amazing sleep sauna. Phones weren't allowed but we managed to take a few. If you get the chance, go there. 


Lars and I have celebrated 2 years as married with messy thai food, cleaning out or liquor cabinet and Yasuragi robes. 


Camilla and I have been getting drunk on Prosecco at The Public.


This is from the day we got the keys to our new flat! We went there later that day, after work, to just hang out and get a moment to realize that we're very grown up now with bills to pay etc etc etc. 


& here are a few random pictures I took as we went out to explore Blackeberg yesterday.